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Seattle Seafair -- It's a Blast

New to Seattle? Don't Miss the Exciting Festivities on Nearby Lake Washington August 3 - August 5, 2018

Seattle NW Movers
The Blue Angels at Seafair over Lake Washington
By Tom Brennan, Copyright © 2018,

Hydroplane races and the Blue Angels cap off this exciting Seattle event over three days on Lake Washington every summer. Thousands of people come out by boat, along the shores and also just out on their decks, backyards and roof tops to enjoy the show.

Seattle Seafair

In 1951-2 Seattle was preparing to celebrate its centennial. The city had no professional sports teams or even a city center complex. What to do? Local business leaders decided to promote the city's access to Puget Sound and the Pacific through a festival on the water. Since then the Seattle Seafair has grown to a ten-week extravaganza of thrills and fun on the water and skies for over 2 million guests, exhibitors and happy locals. This year is the 68th celebration and it's the biggest yet. It should be at the top of your "Must-Do" list for 2018.

This year's event will host 75 official events. From parades and the Royalty Court events to music, enough food to feed several hungry armies and thrilling hydroplane races and beautiful sunsets on Puget Sound. The first goal of the original Sea Fair was to proclaim Seattle as the "boating capital of the world" and visitors will have no doubt about that. Many events will be free but some will require tickets which can be purchased at the Seafair's website.

Seafair Event Venues

Events will be spread from the waterfront to city center to venues throughout the city. Concerts, road races and fun runs, unique boat races for crafts of all kinds and a special appearance of the US Navy's demonstration team, The Blue Angels. Seattle is not only the world's boating capital but headquarters for Boeing. Boeing is the justifiably proud manufacturer of the F-18 and its variants and no doubt many an eye will gleam as the Blue Angels fly over the city. The skies will thunder and all eyes will be watching as the team demonstrates the combat maneuvers that "Top Gun" pilots use to defend America. But the F-18's will do these astounding maneuvers in formation. Moving as one, they will bend gravity and "push the envelope" as far as it can go. The Boeing Company will sponsor an airshow with the Blue Angels at Genesee Park August 3-5.

The Albert Lee Appliance Cup -- 200 mph racers

There will be thunder on the water not just in the sky. The Albert Lee Appliance Company has served the consumers of the Northwest since 1939. The company sponsors a Hydro-Plane competition that features amazing watercraft that defy gravity. These racing watercraft are designed to barely touch the surface of the water, powering themselves by high performance engines to speeds that would make Captain Bligh (or Captain Kirk) turn pale. This race is for the Unlimited H-1 Class of hydroplanes. These racers use aircraft engines for power plants and are capable of 200 mph speeds. Come and watch: you will be thrilled and amazed.

Family Fun and the ultimate Seattle Stay-cation

Seattle and Northwest residents don't have to travel far to enjoy time off and see amazing sights. The geography of the Northwest and its Pacific seacoast, Puget Sound and it's not-quite-tropical islands and mountains that stand like snowcapped guardians are all within short drives from many places. Instead of leaving home for leisure and recreation, it's here all around you. You could actually spend your whole summer vacation at the Seafair and never see all that goes on.

Summer in Seattle. Weather and accommodations

The average high temperature for the summer months in Seattle is 73 and the low is 53 so a sweater or windbreaker is good for evening events. Minimal rain is the usual forecast. The region enjoys some of the mildest summer temperatures and sunshine abounds. Whether you are coming for day-trip events or extended day excursions there are many hotels within the city limits and suburbs for comfortable night time accommodations, but remember to book early, lots of new friends are coming. The Seattle Seafair is a ten week extravaganza of things to do and see in one of America's most remarkable and friendly cities. You're invited and welcome here.

One Month Before Seafair --

Don't Miss the 4th of July Fireworks at Gas Works Park

Seafair isn't the only annual summer event that Seattle hosts. The 4th of July is a special affair in Seattle as one of America's most famous fireworks displays takes place at Gas Works Park. Daytime entertainment, fun and food will climax at night with a spectacular fireworks display over the lake. The event is sponsored by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and is free and open to all. Reserved seats are also available by ticket sales at the website. 

Seattle's community strength is one of the main assets of life here. Seattle is a city that cares and the many nonprofits and charities that serve its citizens come out in huge numbers to volunteer and take part in the event.

Don't Just Visit for Seafair -- Consider Relocating to Seattle

With so much to see and do within a short drive of Seattle, we published this article to give visitors and out of staters information on one of the many interesting things that locals to the Seattle area experience every year. Even though the traffic can be bad during rush hour, and the skies gray a lot in the winter, overall the Greater Seattle area is still a great place to live.
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