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5 Top Tips on Buying a Home in 2018

In a seller's market it can be hard to be a buyer and lock in a home when there's so much competition to buy and prices seem out of control. Having a talented realtor can open doors for you and make deals happen fast.

Home Buying Tips

Before you start your search for the perfect home or property, here's who to talk to first...

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Let's start by saying that at we can connect you with that talented real estate agent and at no charge. Click on Puget Sound Homes for Sale and then the red button that reads "Contact a Realtor About These Listings".

You will receive a response shortly and will be quickly on your way to help finding the right home and for the right price.

The "American Dream" has always included buying a home

Buying and owning a home has been called the "American Dream" for generations. It is a sign of passage, from dependence to independence and it is the most significant financial commitment most people ever make. Because it is central to your future financial success and stability this decision has to be done with care, preparation and include the best partners in selecting and financing the purchase. Here are five tips on how to succeed in this exciting and rewarding experience.

1. Do your home work

Getting all your financial documents together for mortgage processing and doing a responsible assessment of your earnings, resources and how much house you can afford is the first step. Any plans to have a family, add to it or likely changes in lifestyle are also important. Research where you would like to live, and ask yourself if it is the type of community where you will be comfortable and have reasonable access to work, shopping and the leisure activities you enjoy. After all, much of the cost of a home is "location, location, location". Also, having all your finances and plans ready to share with a realtor will speed up the process in a very competitive market.

2. Work with a professional realtor

Searching for the best realtor is essential to success in buying a home. Realty is a very personal type of business and both the realtor and a client need to be on the same page for communication and trust. Search for a realtor online but get personal referrals from friends, family and business associates such as from the website you are currently visiting, Our trusted contact who we refer people to is Joe Drazich of Skyline Properties, Inc. Whether you're searching for a home or selling a home, Joe can help you with both and is highly recommended.

Whether you go with a Sound Listings referred realtor, or another, always check all personal certifications and background information on the agent and the brokerage. Ask questions and expect straight answers. Make use of our database of thousands of Seattle Homes for sale (or dozens of other cities listed) and search for homes within your price range. Use videos that do 360 degree tours and Google Maps to tour surrounding neighborhoods and other features. Having a "shopping list" for your agent will keep the whole process going smoothly.

3. Get the best lender and rates

Getting pre-approved is essential to moving quickly on a purchase. Rates may increase due to the Fed's plans and locking in a rate now is a good idea. Check all possible options and types of loans for which you may be eligible. Research the lender and verify all credentials. A mortgage professional we highly recommend is Dan Bartel. From his Bellevue location, he can produce home loans across the state of Washington and for various programs that can help people from all backgrounds get into a home if they can qualify.

4. Get ready to bid (Washington is a tight competitive market, especially Seattle)

The steady growth of the Washington market will continue into the foreseeable future and having all the financial resources ready and making wise choices will be essential. Be disciplined when a bidding contest occurs on a home; do not let your emotions get the better of your sense of financial reality. Home buying is a very complex process and emotions are a factor to be considered so go into any bidding realistically and don't get financially over committed.

5. Be prepared for home inspection results, title search etc

Home inspections are a vital part of the process. Even the owners may be unaware of material issues in HVAC, wiring, and land use and "behind the walls" problems that could cost significant amounts of money and time to repair. Being ready to adjust the price to cover items listed in the inspection report, resolve title issues and deal with any land and environmental issues such as drainage, flood insurance or underground pipes and tanks will make a closing more certain and sure. Be open to negotiation and make sure everything is documented, especially any title or land use issues.

Living the dream in a new home

2018 shows much economic potential for many. A surging economy, raises and bonuses and opportunities are positive signs of growth. If you have dreamed of buying a home this is the time to make that dream come true. Having a plan, doing your homework and working with a professional realtor in a proactive way will open up that front door to a new home. Contact a realtor at the link below and find out all that the area offers prospective home buyers.
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