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Working from Home in Seattle
How to Escape the Seattle Traffic Mess

Seattle is a great place to live but with so many people calling it home traffic is a mess come rush hour. What if you could work from home and never deal with a commute?

By Tom Brennan, Copyright © 2022,

Working from home in Seattle

We've all seen the ads in the free advertising papers "work from home". Mostly these are for stuffing envelopes, assembling small items or even placing ads on Facebook or reviews on Yelp or Google. But working from home as an entrepreneur is a rising phenomenon in the labor market. An estimated 30% of Americans work as self-employed freelancers in various positions and functions, and no one stuffs envelopes. Seattle is growing in leaps and bounds and the demand for more services and professionals in various capacities is growing as well.

Many are opting out of the daily grind of an office and the "office politics" of corporate life -- as well as what is often a horrendous commute in rush hour traffic -- for the adventure of working from a home office. Seattle's expanding internet systems say "we have the technology" and many are using it to work and contribute to their own and the region's economy. Washington State even has a program for enabling interested persons to develop businesses and self-owned businesses.

Designing the home office

For those opting to work for themselves there are many possibilities available. The home office is the most popular. Having a private retreat where self-designed surroundings and quiet can produce creative solutions is a valuable tool for the entrepreneur. When children are involved a home security system that monitors the children's' rooms and activities can give the peace of mind and ability to intervene that every parent needs. The office can be furnished and equipped to needs and expansions as these are anticipated as well. In-house clients can be invited as well without disturbing the home atmosphere and still giving the necessary professional appearance and attitude.

Think about a separate entrance as well since this will ease the access to the office and not interrupt family life. Believe it or not many persons are shy about going through the house to do business. Also, a separate rest room is a good idea for the same reason.

When zoning and home owners associations regulations allow, a client parking area and signage are good ideas. Independent operators such as accountants and tax specialists, legal professionals and personal trainers and physicians usually see one client at a time so parking will be unobtrusive. Seattle permits home offices as long as they do not interfere with rights of neighbors.

While many are familiar with the usual "envelope stuffing" scams as home employment there are real and lucrative self-employment independence opportunities that are rewarding as well. Web designers, SEO developers, fundraisers and grant writers, writers, authors, virtual assistants, app developers all work independently and do very well financially here.

Securing the home office

There are some considerations that need to be addressed for a home office and internet security is a must in this day of malware, hacking and identity theft. If you collect personal financial information from clients that information must be kept secure. You are liable under law for any loss. If you use a public Wi-Fi such as at a coffee shop, restaurant or library make sure you log out so as not to be vulnerable. Make sure your smartphone is pass worded to prevent theft of information and change all passwords on a regular basis.

Those who choose to work from home in Seattle are able to enjoy the best of both worlds of business that can grow and profit in Seattle's hi-tech atmosphere and the incredible outdoor, cultural and leisure activities this amazing place has to offer.
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