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Many Retirees Consider St. George, Utah # 1 Retirement City

Where do you go to enjoy the last few years of life as a retiree? Discover St. George in Southern Utah on the Arizona border and adjacent to multiple world class national parks.

St George, Utah

Sunshine? Check. Palm Trees. Check. Affordable Homes. Check. Desert Architecture. Check. Things to See and Do. Check.

Seattle NW Movers
By Ken Wilson, Copyright © 2018,

St. George, Utah is probably the greatest discovery of my personal travels. When I talk to people who have moved here, a lot of them say the same. When I talk to people who have once lived here, it's obvious how much they treasure this place they once lived in life.

St George is in Utah but it's not like Utah, not in the scenery at least. There are not many places on earth that can compare with the natural beauty in so many places in the St. George region with Zion National Park only 45 minutes drive from St. George.

A very family friendly region due to the low crime and the influx of retirees make this a great place to consider for retirement or for a second home especially when you live in the Seattle market where (the website you are on) is based.

Why is a Seattle Real Estate Site Publishing About St. George, Utah?

The fact of the matter is Seattle's high priced housing market is creating large amounts of equity for aging babyboomers and seniors who are ready to move on in life to an area a lot more relaxed and lower paced. The Seattle real estate market has homes on the market for sale by a lot of folks ready to make the move to a lower paced retirement community. Many have traveled the country themselves and at one time the Phoenix suburbs were a popular choice for retirement, but in recent years as Phoenix has grown to 5 million people other places in the southwest region of the country have slowly modernized and been developed.

St George, Utah - Modern, Beautiful, Affordable

Today, and I say today with an urgency, home prices are still low compared to the Seattle market in St. George. However, expect that to change in the coming years as the word gets out about how modern St. George is today and how much it has to offer and folks start moving to St. George. Not only is it dotted with golf courses and space to breath and take in the sights, but it has the expansiveness to move in hundreds of thousands of people and handle the development very, very well. It is a wonderfully well thought out region currently where development is scattered across a large area. With a regional airport, it connects to a handful of western cities with direct flights that for some may be 90 minutes or less. They've also got their own high class moving companies that cater to the higher end market and move nationwide including to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. St George Pro Movers

Mild Winters, Lots of Sunshine, Hotter Summers

What about the hot summer temperatures that are going to come in a region on the eastern edge of the Mohave Desert? A long time local shared with me when I was on the ground in St. George that just a 30 minute drive out of town lead to a sub alpine climate with greenspace, trees, and reservoirs offering temperatures 30 degrees cooler and places to sight-see, fish, and just enjoy nature. Pine Valley Reservoir and Kolub Reservoir should be two places on your list for closeby summer getaways.

St George is a Snowbird Hot Spot

You'll see a handful of nice RV campgrounds in town and a lot of really expensive RVs. Some of these folks live this way year round and others have an RV as a second home for the idea of snowbirding. While that can be a great experience, they are missing on the opportunity to purchase St George area land or homes for sale and then sitting on them as the equity is expected to climb over the coming years as St George experiences growth and home prices naturally start to go up as supply drops and demand increases.
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News: Seattle Retirees Consider St. George, Utah a Top Ranked Region for Retirement

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