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Issaquah, WA City Information

Population / Demographics / Quality of Life

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Statistical data on Issaquah neighborhoods

Find everything you want to know about Issaquah and perhaps some of the best "quality of life" offered anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

You can browse Issaquah Homes for Sale or continue reading to learn the population and demographics of Issaquah including miles between major cities.

Issaquah Neighborhood Information

Population / Demographics Issaquah

County: King County

"Top-rated schools, friendly neighbors, acres of parks and recreational areas to explore, all within close proximity to a major hub of commerce, industry, arts and culture. Issaquah is fast-becoming THE destination for new residents and new families in the Puget Sound region."

For photos and to read more information about what makes Issaquah such a great place to live, visit

Population of Issaquah

At 2010 census:30,434
2016 estimate:37,322

Demographics of Issaquah

White 74.7%
African American 1.4%
Asian 17.5%
Native/Alaskan Native 0.4%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.1%

Issaquah / King County Economy

Unemployment rate - 3.7%
Job growth from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017 - 2.5%

(Source: Washington State Employment Securities Department)

Property Tax - Issaquah - 1.18%
(Source: )

Top 4 Issaquah Employers

1. King County Library System
2. Siemens Medical Systems
3. Providence Marionwood
4. Issaquah School District

Top 5 King County Employers

1. The Boeing Company
2. Microsoft
3. University of Washington
4. Inc
5. King County Government

King County Voting

Republican - 21.7%
Democrat - 72.1%
Independent - 6.2%
(Source: /results/map/president/washington/)

Issaquah Median Housing Cost


Issaquah Highest/Lowest Temps

January low - 36
January high - 47
July low - 54
July high - 75

Distance from Issaquah in Miles

Issaquah to Seattle: (via I-90 W) 18 min - 1 h (17.1 miles)

Issaquah to Vancouver, BC: (via I-5 N) 2 h 30 min - 4 h 20 min (153 miles)

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