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Marysville Strawberry Festival
Annual "Strawberry Fest" Held in Marysville, Washington June 9 - June 17, 2018

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Marysville, WA - June, 2018

Marysville Strawberry Fest
By Tom Brennan, Copyright © 2022,
"So many strawberries. So little time." If you love strawberries, community marching bands and a welcome home feeling, head to Marysville, Washington for the Marysville Strawberry Festival. Held annually to celebrate the friendly small city's founding anniversary, it features as many good things to eat as you can make with strawberries as you can imagine.

Marysville began with the first settlers, James Comeford and his wife setting up a trading post on the Tulalip Tribe's lands in 1872. Soon logging camps were established. The camps needed businesses to support them and soon grocers, and others set up shop here. In the 1890's the railroad added growth and people began to move here. By 1920 the city was known as Strawberry City as visitors and newcomers discovered the opportunities to work and get together to celebrate how the city had grown and prospered in the logging and agriculture industries. The first strawberries were planted in the early settlers' days when James Bedford planted his first field. ‘Bedford's Berries" survived its first winters and in time many other farmers planted the sweet fruit. At its peak, over 2,000 acres of strawberry fields existed on the city's farmlands. Today you can still find local stands where fresh picked home-grown strawberries are sold in season.

Today the Snohomish County city has grown from two hardy settlers to a 2016 population of 67,626. Located 35 miles north of Seattle and close to the coast, this comfortable city offers a glimpse into the area's history of growth as the logging industry here has been replaced by service industry employers, local manufacturing and work with Boeing, a typical easy Washington I-5 commute. Strawberries are still a focal point of local farms. In 1932 the annual strawberry festival was begun and except for a brief halt during WWII, continues to this day. June 9 through 17, 2018 will see the city and lots of strawberry and fun loving people gather once again for a week of fun, food, friendship, and relaxation at the Strawberry Festival.

What to do at the Strawberry Festival

There's so much to do here that you will need extra helpings of strawberry shortcake to keep your energy up. There's the Grand Parade where local groups dress up in their finest (especially the Chinese marching drill team) and floats that amaze you with the stories they tell, to the Strawberry Queen and her Royal Court. There's a carnival with rides and games to play. A car show, talent show, a market for arts, crafts, and homemade baked goods, a kids' parade, musical entertainment, a road race, and a strawberry shortcake eating contest.

Where to stay and what to wear

Marysville is on the super-convenient I-5 corridor with plentiful hotels. The Tulalip Resort Casino is nearby as well with many restaurants and leisure features. The temperature in June here averages a very comfortable range of 68 to 72 degrees. Pack for sun and summer and lots of sunscreen for those hotter days that can also arrive.

After spending a weekend of fun at Strawberry Fest, get ready for more around Western Washington as a handful of other towns have their annual fairs still ahead as well.

Washington's local fairs, where everyone is welcome

Washington State is a place where rural country meets busy suburbia and the metropolitan area of Seattle. In Seattle skyscrapers still look up to majestic mountains. But it is also a place with a sense of "welcome home" to tourists, visitors from high-tech Seattle and Tacoma and places where everyone gets to feel like long-time residents.

Marysville has certainly grown since the 1880's when the first loggers set up shop, but wise folks kept the friendly atmosphere and sense of connection that other places that grow seem to lose when their numbers get bigger. Most Northwest communities still offer a sense of community that many metropolitan areas have seen disappear. The many local festivals open their doors to residents, visitors and newcomers alike. You are welcome here. That's the Washington Style.

Marysville is typical of the smaller cities that connect with Seattle. They all changed in the ways people worked and businesses changed as well with the times. But they never lost their sense of community and share their love of home with all who visit for their celebrations and festivals each year. The Marysville Strawberry Festival celebrates this remarkable spirit of Washington and the Northwest. You are welcome here! Come and celebrate with us.

Relocating to Marysville, WA

With so much to see and do within a short drive of Marysville, this booming city has experienced a lot of growth including out to once formerly rural areas. Offering affordable housing compared to the Seattle market, you may find that Marysville and one of its outlying neighborhoods may have the home, yard and space you're looking for in your next home purchase. Follow the links below to search from houses currently for sale in Marysville, including homes on acreage, waterfront, and with mountain, lake or river views.
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