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Moving to Eastern Washington ... Lakes, Mountains and Lewis and Clark’s Vision

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Lewis and Clark set off on a journey in 1805 to see just how big the land just bought from France really was.

They were heading towards the Pacific Ocean, but just how far away it was, no one knew. They passed across lands that amazed them in beauty and richness of resources, President Jefferson had made a good deal --

By Tom Brennan, Copyright © 2022,
The Corps of Discovery traveled through Eastern Washington and those who visit here and decide to move here, know a good deal when they see it.

Eastern Washington is quite different from the coastal area, the climate is much drier and agriculture is a mainstay of the economy. The city of Spokane, Washington’s second largest metro area after Seattle is the economic capital and like the rest of the Pacific Northwest, is seeing a major increase in population.

Working in Eastern Washington

Three of the State’s major higher education centers are located here. A large number of smaller colleges also are based here. The political climate here is largely Republican and conservative, in fact, there have been several movements for this part of Washington to leave and become a part of Idaho or form a new State in itself. If you find the political climate of Seattle not exactly within your comfort zone, then Eastern Washington is for you. You already have friends here that you just haven’t met yet.

The area is seeing growth in jobs. Agriculture is seeing an expansion with the opening of markets in the Far East and the exciting growth of the economy in India. Current trade talks will expand agricultural markets in China which requires large imports of food products. Agri-business involves many types of jobs and skills and this means growth for Eastern Washington.

Construction trades are booming in growth areas and the housing crunch in Seattle means business for the Spokane area. Newcomers need homes and the building trades are busy. Increasing wages and demand for housing combined with low-interest rates will continue the increases seen in 2017. The decrease in Federal corporate tax rates is seeing business growth all over and this factor means well for job growth as well.

Living in Eastern Washington

Washington offers a range of climate, weather, and scenic lifestyles, all within reasonable commutes that anyone can find a full calendar of recreational opportunities. A multitude of lakes (something “snowbirds” don’t see in Arizona), mountains (not the worn out “bumps” of the Northeast) and wide open spaces totally missing on the East Coast) combine to make this region a world apart. The expansion and growth of high-tech and the industries that support it, agriculture (more trade partners) and Boeing’s successful marketing of its space, military and commercial products make growth a sure thing here.

In contrast to other larger, less populated Western States Washington offers a more convenient travel time for commuters, several productive seaports and up to date airport facilities, a magnet for creative people in Artificial Intelligence industries (Google), and still has lots of open space and natural areas that are regarded as treasures by residents and newcomers alike. Overdevelopment will not be likely since Washingtonians know a good thing when they see it, just like Thomas Jefferson.

Why move to Eastern Washington?

Moving here is a good idea if you are tired of crowded, hectic, money-mad cities and the people who live in them. Here you can take a vacation every day after coming home and see mountains, open skies (and more shooting stars than you can count), and breathe deeply the rich air of this place. The people are more relaxed, more confident and look at life more realistically than city people-bottom line types. Washington is a big State, filled with big people who will welcome you with a firm handshake and a smile.

Living the dream in Eastern Washington

2018 shows much economic potential for many. A surging economy, raises and bonuses and opportunities are positive signs of growth. If you have dreamed of buying a home this is the time to make that dream come true. Having a plan, doing your homework and working with a professional realtor in a proactive way will open up that front door to a new home. Contact a realtor at the link below and find out all that the area offers prospective home buyers.
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