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Moving to the Olympic Peninsula ... Less People, More Land and Beauty (You Can Have it All)

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One of the most sought-after destinations in the Pacific Northwest are the cities and towns of the Olympic Peninsula.

Tourism, outdoor recreation, and even the film industry thrive on the mood and atmosphere set by this wonderland of the eye, sound and aroma satisfying and fulfilling surroundings --

By Tom Brennan, Copyright © 2022,
The Pacific Northwest is growing. People from all over are moving here many are fleeing the Northeast and it’s congested high-stress cities and coming to a place like no other. One of the most sought-after destinations are the cities and towns of the Olympic Peninsula. The landscape is that of a rainforest with astounding seacoast and mountain views. The central focus is Olympic National Park and it is an economic engine that fuels most of the area’s businesses. Tourism, outdoor recreation, and even the film industry thrive on the mood and atmosphere set by this wonderland of the eye, sound and aroma satisfying and fulfilling surroundings.

People live here and move here because they choose to. They seek a place where their souls can be free to enjoy a natural environment made of so many diverse elements that every day in every season is an adventure. The quality of life is the best and most simple reason for moving here. People who live here enjoy the variety of seacoast towns and beaches as well as the number of National and State Parks.

The Economy of the Olympic Peninsula

Much of the economy here is connected to the huge travel and tourism industry and it functions year round. Hospitality, fishing, arts, outdoor sports and hiking all join to support a 365-day industry that thrives and keeps growing. But few will admit that they live here or have moved here for a paycheck. The opportunity to have and share a unique way of life, opportunities for serenity and a more relaxed attitude at daily happenings are the major draws.

Economic opportunities in the form of art colonies, wineries and tours, recreational equipment vendors and rental agencies, guides, boats and water activities businesses and a climate that supports year-round activity all combine to provide a unique set of opportunities for those who come here.

Home Values on the Olympic Peninsula

Recently, although the market in Seattle opens at $660k (at the time of this writing), the median price for a home in Port Townsend in Jefferson County was $353,800 and Port Angeles in Clallam County was seeing a median price of $256,000. Many homes that are affordable have waterfront views that would be beyond the financial reach of most in other places. The relaxed attitude that seems to be universal here makes almost any home in any price range an excellent buy. The almost Mediterranean climate keeps energy-related expenses low, unlike many inland areas and the Atlantic Coast States.

What are People Like On the Olympic Peninsula?

Residents are a mix of education and career backgrounds. Support industries connected with tourism businesses, education-related and health support all figure in the overall economic picture. The economic magnet of the Olympic National Park is still to be fully realized as a source of growth.

Olympic Peninsula Lifestyles: What's the Future Look Like?

As more people abandon the crowded Northeast and California cityscapes those who seek a higher quality of life will continue to come here. These will be persons who have seriously considered where they want to be and will adapt and assimilate more quickly than those who seek only financial rewards.

Why Do People Move to the Olympic Peninsula?

The Olympic Peninsula offers a variety of lifestyles connected with the landscape. From seacoast towns that offer travel and tourism connected jobs, to recreation oriented opportunities at parks, the many lakes and even app development for the small businesses that serve the industry. Most important is perhaps the lifestyle of working in a place of intense natural beauty like no other. From ocean views to majestic mountains to rainforests, it’s all here in one incredible package. It is truly a place like no other.

Living the dream on the Olympic Peninsula

2018 shows much economic potential for many. A surging economy, raises and bonuses and opportunities are positive signs of growth. If you have dreamed of buying a home this is the time to make that dream come true. Having a plan, doing your homework and working with a professional realtor in a proactive way will open up that front door to a new home. Contact a realtor at the link below and find out all that the area offers prospective home buyers.
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