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Joe Drazich is a Real Estate Agent for the Blind, Serving the Seattle-Bellevue Area and the Greater Puget Sound

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Joe Drazich, with a form of clinical blindness, understands the needs of the blind and offers his real estate services to others who are blind and need help finding and buying or selling a home. Joe can help you despite any handicaps and has helped many people in the Seattle and Bellevue area find, buy, and even sell a home. Joe can be reached at 206-391-8009.

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Buying a home can be an exciting and yet stressful time simultaneously. Blindness or another handicap can make the process extremely stressful, especially when you may only be going on the sound of someone's voice and a handshake as to whether or not you feel they can get the job done right and in your favor.

Joe Drazich is a real estate agent (broker) for Sound Listings, and he is an excellent one at that. He himself is clinically blind, though not fully. Though his partial blindness has its handicaps for him in life, he still is great at the real estate process and helping many people find the right home or help others sell their home.

If you are blind or suffer from any other handicap, we welcome you to call Joe directly with any questions about buying or selling a home. He can be reached at 206-391-8009. He would be glad to help you through the entire process and we are sure you will be completely satisfied in his desire to help you during this exciting time in life for buying or selling a home.
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