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How Do I Get My Real Estate License in Washington State?

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Washington State

How to Become a Washington State Real Estate Agent

The housing market in Washington, especially the Seattle region is exploding. Washington is growing in population at a rate even the experts did not expect. Prices are climbing and inventory is dropping. Can you make it in this climate as a real estate agent?

By Tom Brennan, Copyright © 2022,
So you want to be a real estate agent in Washington? Here's how...

The housing market in Washington, especially the Seattle region is exploding. Washington is growing in populations at a rate even the experts did not expect. Newcomers are coming here to enjoy the lifestyle, employment opportunities and outdoor experiences and astounding scenery that make every day here an adventure. Many will or are currently seeking homes and skilled, dedicated and well trained realtors are the key to connecting newcomers and houses that suit their lifestyles and budgets.

Getting started in Real Estate in Washington

Real Estate is a regulated industry in Washington. The State requires these basics to qualify for an agent's license.

- You must be at least 18 years of age.

- You must successfully complete 90 hours of real estate course work from a licensed real estate school within a two year period before applying to take the State exam. Courses must include 60 hours of Real Estate Fundamental study and 30 hours in Real Estate Practice. There are many excellent schools in Washington.

- If you are a licensed real estate professional from another State, the educational requirements will be waived

- You will need to pass a criminal background check and supply documents if requested.

- You will need to be fingerprinted (now done digitally) and have this done every six years afterwards.

- You will need to pass the exam.

In a hurry for a real estate license? Consider an online course

Nowadays, it's easier for people to take an online course, which also means being able to rush through it, and get your license that way. The other way with an online course is to spread out the training over several weeks in your free time if that's all you the time you have for it currently. McKissock's Real Estate Express has the highest ratings and passing rates in the industry and includes a "Pass or don't pay policy."

How's that for a guarantee on money well spent? If you don't pass, you don't pay, though they do have the highest passing rates in the industry currently, if that says anything. In other words, most people who sign up for the course eventually pass. You are in good hands at McKissock's Real Estate Express.

You can also go the traditional route

There are many well qualified and affordable real estate schools in Washington, which compared to completing the course online may take longer depending on your schedule. Select one within your price range and travel routes. The course work combines technical and legal work and a computer, phone apps or program work will be necessary. Some math and algebra are a part of the work as well. Continuing education is a requirement for licensing and renewal.

Real Estate is a constantly changing environment and effective and successful agents are always learning. Staying ahead of the curve is a road to success and knowing trends means a lot. There is an abundance of online resources and info to help you succeed.

The Human Factor

Besides the technical, educational and legal elements there are other serious issues to consider in a real estate career. Do you seriously enjoy working with and serving people? Listening skills, having a sense of humor, extreme portions of patience, and being flexible and adaptable to changes are very important to success and customer satisfaction. Word of mouth advertising is king in this industry and happy buyers and sellers recommend the agents who did the best job.

A successful agent is always "open for business" and needs to be able to balance family, personal and business relationships. If you can't do this, maybe some other facet of real estate is your best option. Also dressing for success is important. Know how your client expects you to look and make a good impression.

The Technical factor

Like it or not, the smartphone has moved into the neighborhood and is making the agent's job easier every day. There are an ever increasing number of phone apps that help agents communicate, calculate, photograph, and request and send information, all in one handheld personal device. Investing in a phone that can accommodate multiple apps and using a service that is dependable will be a "smart" investment and help sales.

You will need a dependable vehicle. First impressions are a major part of sales and a dirty car or SUV with a messy interior will make a bad impression. Keeping the vehicle neat and clean and fully operational mechanically is critical to success. Your vehicle says a lot about you; it says you are sharp, professional and organized and you are waiting at your appointment with a welcoming smile.

It goes without saying, but dressing and acting in a professional manner is just as critical.

Welcome to the exciting world of Realty

It's an exciting time to be a realtor in Washington. This career has the blue skies of the Pacific Northwest for a limit and an expanding audience of customers who will become clients. Helping people to achieve the American Dream of home ownership in this beautiful place is an honor and privilege. Good luck in your new profession.
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