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The Edmonds Waterfront Festival
Join the Festivities in Edmonds June 1-3, 2018

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Edmonds, WA - June, 2018

By Tom Brennan, Copyright © 2022,
Edmonds is located 11 miles north of Seattle on the Puget Sound coast. This picturesque, classic coastal place is what everyone dreams about when they think of sailing, the smell of salt air and the sound of waves striking the shore. As of last count in 2016, 41,840 fortunate residents live here and every year they share their love of open water and life on the shore with visitors from far and near. The Edmonds Waterfront Festival is how they do it.

Ahoy! And welcome to Edmonds

This magical place is well known for its accessible sandy beaches, rich cultural and artistic heritage, bountiful art museums and the welcome each visitor gets when they come here. But Edmonds is also about the water, yachts, boats and hydroplanes and many things you can do on and in the waters of Puget Sound. The beautiful Port of Edmonds Marina is headquarters for this event that will come again for the 31st time on June 1-3, 2018. The event is presented by the Edmonds Rotary Club.

History of Edmonds begins in 1876

Edmonds' history begins in 1876 when the first settler, George Brackett began logging on land he had bought. Logging was how Edmonds grew into the 20th century. Washington's abundant forests have supplied the world with lumber for generations. What had been a small seacoast community supplied by Washington's unique mosquito fleet of small supply boats and vessels grew into a larger community when automobile ferries connected it to more places on the Sound.

Through economic ups and downs, the downturn and loss of the lumber and sawmill industry saw Edmonds change through the decades. Throughout it all, the city preserved its small town welcoming attitude and much of its historic architecture which lets today's visitors travel back to a simpler and more relaxed time. The lure of the seacoast and the riches of the sea and fishing are what are highlighted in the annual festival

What to see by the sea: yachts, hydro-planes and music

Those who love to sail and cruise will find this an eye-pleasing and total feeling experience. Yachts from the 1920's through modern high tech marvels will be on display and a group of mahogany and brass treasures will be there to remind everyone of how these vessels ruled the waves in grandeur and seaworthiness. The Port of Edmonds Marina and Pacific Northwest Classic Yacht Association are included in your hosts for this three day celebration. Wouldn't it be fun to visit the Festival and arrive in your own boat? The Port of Edmonds Marina can accommodate some visitors. Be sure to call ahead to see if any slips are available.

On display will be hydro-plane racers for those who crave speed and sleek watercraft. Hydro-plane racing is the Pacific Northwest's NASCAR equivalent and the region's bays and lakes thunder and roar during the season. There's nothing quite like it and you have to see these racing machines for yourself.

There will be music here as well on the soundstage and local performers and invited musicians will entertain and get everyone to dance. "Music at the Pier – Sea Jazz" will present live jazz during the festival as well. There are carnival rides, food for all tastes and appetites and a get together atmosphere that will make memories that will last for a very long time. The Edmonds Rotary puts the money raised by this annual event to use in supporting local nonprofits and charities so you can indulge and know that someone is benefiting from your fun.

Weather and Hotels in Edmonds

The average temperatures for June are 53 for a low and 70 for a high so a pack a light jacket for evening wear. Edmonds has a good number of national chain hotels in the city limits, but remember to reserve your room early enough. Edmonds is a beach community and an architectural treasure chest from bygone days. The art galleries, welcoming nature of a small town with big city convenience and especially the annual Edmonds Waterfront Festival make this one of the places that make Northwest life so inviting and exciting for all.

Don't Just Visit for the Edmonds Waterfront Festival -- Consider Relocating to Edmonds

With so much to see and do in the city of Edmonds and the Greater Seattle area, we published this article to give visitors and out of staters information on one of the many interesting things that locals to the Seattle-Edmonds area experience every year. Even though Seattle area traffic can be bad during rush hour, and the skies gray a lot in the winter, overall the Greater Seattle area and especially the city of Edmonds is still a great place to live and raise a family.

From Edmonds you are only a ferry ride to the adventure that awaits on the Olympic Peninsula, just across the Puget Sound, and the many highlights of the Olympic Mountains and National Park. A short trip up the shoreline can take you to Sequim, WA, where annually the area receives 30% more sunshine than Edmonds / Seattle due to the weather anomaly known as the "Olympic Rain Shadow".

So, even though you may have heard the skies are gray in the winter over here, there are escapes to areas of more sun within just a couple hours drive typically.
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